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A comprehensive range of technologies, systems and services providing highest levels of power availability and quality

  • UPS systems
  • Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC)
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  • Harmonic Filters
  • Battery Monitoring

GE Digital Energys Redundant Parallel Architecture

Power Protection provides modular, expandable, GE Digital Energy UPS systems with ratings from kVA to MVA power output. GE Digital Energys (GE) Redundant Parallel Architecture (RPA) is truly a redundant system; one, in other words, where failure of individual UPS units does not affect the security of supply.

GEs Redundant Parallel Architecture represents the best-in-class concept for reliable, flexible, and cost-effective power to mission-critical applications. GEs unique dynamic-democratic technology provides synchronisation and control of parallel-UPS units via redundant communication buses.

Harmonic Filters

IT loads and state-of-the-art lighting systems generally create very high levels of harmonics. In standby generator UPS systems it is also frequently necessary to pay attention to harmonic mitigation. The Ablerex active power filters are modular, thus allowing maximum harmonic current compensation to 960 amps per phase, from a minimum of 30 amps. The filters are suitable for operation in LV three-phase 50 or 60 Hz networks and harmonics attenuation factors are typically of the order of 10 (20dB) or greater.

Battery Monitoring

Power Protection offers state-of-the-art wireless battery supervision suitable for remote monitoring. The ENERBATT 3G systems from Ablerex measure string voltage, cell voltage, charging and discharging current, cell temperature and cell internal resistance. The battery monitoring system is built up out sequential scanners connecting cells to the MPU microprocessor based analytical centre, which can communicate via RS232 port or TCP/IP with a server thus permitting remote monitoring.

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